With the initiative of Friends of Aristidh Kolias, under the total indifference of the press, media, visual and cultural institutions of the study, what reminiscent of an illegal memory with an enigmatic silence quite similar as 5 years ago. Real question is why do so in Albania with the Great Arvanits major twentieth century?

On the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the death of prominent scholar and activist arvanitas Aristidh P. Kolia, friends and admirers of his work, organized a memorial meeting in the hall of the Ministry of Tourism, Culture, Youth and Sports in Tirana. Had come not only those who have known from near this figure in the eyes of the Albanians have already received a hero's size, but many readers of his work.
Most of the attendees were from Tirana but had also come from the city of Shkodra known for art and traditions.
Keynote address delivered journalism and kineast Kolec Traboini, who has known Aristidh Kolian closely at the time raised the Albanian newspaper "Egnatia" in Athens and has published the book "Truth of Aristidh Kolias burning." Title reference was "Aristidh Kolia - Our roots are in Arberi” in which this assessment along with the great Arvanites noted that there is an institutional cooling in relations with Greece and feels Arvanites of Italy.
Even a few links that were placed in the difficult period of self-isolation of Albania under the dictatorship, are almost broken. Finds no activity in Albania arvanita arbërore while also spend Institutions worthless mediocre concerts, or activity.

Kolec Traboini stressed that the Arbëresh Arvanites concern for the institutional cooling Albania to them, shows that Albania is already even though the circumstances of great opportunities, of openness, freedom of movement and cultural exchange, has lost the historical chance to be the center of Arberore the whole world to the sight of hope I have thrown out of Kosovo because it has more feeling in this sense.
And this organization, under the total indifference of the Academy and Institute Albanological studies, although invited never came, but the media in this annual 10 death of activist scholars Aristidh Kolia shows most.
The participants welcomed with applause greeting the special case of activist and scholar Arber, one of the closest friends Aristidh Kolia, Antonio Bellusci, especially his words that Aristidh Kolia arbëror is an immortal hero who will never be forgotten by arbanitët, feels the Albanians wherever they will be located. Also read the Greeting that was sent to this case Bajram Osmani Memorial from Germany.
Arben Llalla scholar who had come specially for this eviniment from Tetovo, author of " Aristidh Kolia and Albanian press”, brought memories of his meetings when he lived as immigrants in Greece, and showed for the help that gave Aristidh Kolia that he followed the path of history arvanitasve.Ai researchers spoke about the importance of research of historical documents, archiving and preserving them.
Showed that many historical documents and old books was a gift from Aristidh Kolia, unfolding so Arvanites another great quality.
The emotion aroused the artist's renowned word of theater and film Margarita Xhepa.
It brought memories of meeting with Aristidh Kolia, then recited a poem by the artist special edition magazine “Obelisk” devoted to Aristidh Kolia
From Athens had come Angelina Xhara, former documentary film script writer and TV broadcaster, which brought her memories of several meetings with Aristidh Kolia.
Enver Kushi, an employee of the National History Museum, brought his impressions of the title "Thanks Aristidh Kolia."
He stressed that Aristidh Kolia had a bright vision in relations between peoples, he went on the merit of the remaining divisions as historical atavism emerge with the conclusion that people should find in each other brother not to introduce the knife. He also brought a reminder that the assessment made as a researcher Aristidh Kolia dance called the Chams to the most striking symbol of bravery, harmonizing it with virtuosity in execution, as to suppose that so great is not found expressed in any other dance world.
Journalist Albert Zholi recognizing Aristidh Kolia in 1993 brought his memories of the warm relationship they had with Aristidh Kolia writers and artists.
In 1997 they had cooperated to bring Athens to visit the creator Dritero Agolli from Albania. That time was organized and a meeting with Greek writers who were amazed by the presentation worthy of the Albanian writer, because they had the impression that Albania had no other writer except Ismail Kadare potential.
All those invited Agolli in their homes but chose Albanian poet Aristidh Kolia invitation because there will feel yourself like in his house. And it was so.
Zholi also revealed how he had helped Aristidh Kolia the publication of his book "Great escape" his home publishing “Thamiris”
I had put this name from the word of the Albanian language well said.
Arberishte had the heart and showed his love for arvanita-Albanian language not only in studies but also other aspects of life. Also in the creation of the association "Brotherhood" was felt indispensable assistance of Aristidh Kolia emigrants found you not only with writing in the journal "Arvanon" of the media but also provided concrete assistance.
Zaçe Islam who has been with Aristidh Kolia in emissions to the Greek television rights brought his memoirs how the face with great dignity Arvanits insinuations that were made in his direction because he was known as one of the few in Greece that protect Kosovo Albanian people in their struggle for freedom right.
Writer Vasil Premci making a strict criticism precisely the institutions that such activities are doomed but they were diverted without dignity or to explain to the disparagement that make size values nationwide.
Prof. Gezim M. Uruci Euroetnolog, an expert on prehistoric art, which had come with a group of Shkodra, known biologist Mr. Ahmet O. Osja, Dr.Naim Lacej researcher, analyst Arben Cokaj, Cokaj Dashamir doctor, raised the great question "Where is the Academy?" . Voluminous works of Aristidh Kolia that raises the dignity of a people to forget the proper order to be cut roots arbërore, had not harrohej Arvanites together with people, but was a landmark study by the Institute Albanalogjik.
Adriano Xhafaj showed up for work that is done with internetike media to popularize the work of Aristidh Kolia and other distinguished Arvanites as Vangjel Liapis and obstacles because it becomes a vicious struggle to be blunt Arvanites, to create a gap between them the Albanians, even though arvanitas propagandized baloney, their culture and have no connection with the Albanians.
Without a serious commitment to help the Albanian state can not be solutions to the issue arvanita.
Fatmiroshe Xhemalaj-Shehaj, teacher by profession, stressed the need of making known the work of the madh.Të Arvanites popullazimin same problem for the work of Aristidh Kolia Skender Shala also raises in a letter sent with this case from Switzerland.
Read the works of the historian Jacob Philip studjusit and Galmereier, author of Science of Bavaria, the bizanit researcher and publicist (1790-1861), who had invaded Greece, Turkey, Macedonia, and was well known and quite well arbresha Illyrian population of the peninsula. The scientist of the time wrote to the Greeks, quote: "Greeks have nothing in common with the ancient Greeks, not even a peak blood does not have, nor trace of continuity inherited from ancient culture. This nation is a mix of Albanians, slave, Turkish and others. The scientist has also written two works for the Albanians: "History More Peninsula during the Middle Ages, 1830-1836 Münhen and "Albanian element in Greece, from 1857 to 1861."
Riza Lahi, who noted that this work has remained only on the personal initiatives of people who have known closely but we have a state (in fact two Albanian states), we Institutions, paid for this work, to this stupid deaf is meaningless, even embarrassing. Academy of Sciences, Institute Albanology, they were invited History of Linguistics but except Nasho Jorgaqi and Klara Kodra been privately discern not a representative of institutions.
Publisher of the magazine "Obelisk" Roland Lush distributed on this occasion special number devoted Aristidh Kolia.
In conclusion of this event, which was completely out of the academic focus of the media, only in limiting the friends and readers Aristidh Kolia work, we can say that this was the best opportunity to see what really are our institutions study and cultural. Institutions were invited, only the representative of the National Museum Enver Kushi and journalist Valdete Antoni from “Radio Tirana”, the researcher Koco Danaj, others not even remembered.
Ministry of Culture gave room and video projection, which, thanks, but no holder or department director who should be in the podium of honor was not shown.
With the right at closing Traboini, this memorial nisiator said Tirana but also all over Albania is like an edifice with roof but without the side walls where the gusty winds blow Greek expansion.
Under the rule of Serbia's total indifference creates a fictitious minority in southern Albania, while we let millions arvanitas oblivion but also persecuted Cham population, which Aristidh Kolia, this greet man, had the courage to declare it without trembling Eyelash majority arvanitas not minorities in Greece.
But the way it looks like total indifference, more than blind intentioned, frightening for this country and this people, the press and TV media have this question: Where is the State Television? These activities reflect the visual media of different, even leave the space without any author brag value, then what is this massacre media to Arvanites largest of the twentieth century?
The memorial's close friends and admirers of Aristidh Kolia work great with this question even though we know it will not receive any response from the disciples of Greece, - said at the close of this commemoration, Traboini, because-he-said, so they have a directive from Athens, just as his life quietly to go out and works of Aristidh Kolias, but despite their efforts to cover truths to ban burning of denial Arvanites and Cham people, that it will never occurs.
After us will take the relay others and Great Arvanites Aristidh Kolia works will shine forever.

Albania, Tirana, 11 October 2010

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